Your website is your Portfolio that’s always on a tour

Remember the time when you had to carry a suitcase full of documents as the portfolio of your business. Well, those days are behind us. In the digital age, a website of your business is your portfolio. It is your image across the world, it is also what people will perceive about your business, it is also your business statement to the world, it is your credibility, and most importantly it is your business anytime, anywhere with you on tour.



It is also similar to a directory. Before the internet created wonders, any business was found by looking up in the directory or the book and hence a website, these days, is your footprint in the digital directory. But just having a website is not enough, you need to give regular nurturing and constant improvements via various processes like SEO, Social Media, etc. to earn the right amount of traction.

It’s also a considerably less expensive way for you to make your business reach any part of the world via the digital medium. It helps you arrive at a larger set of your target group across the world at a very minimal cost. Not only does it give you reach, but it also earns you a good deal of money directly and otherwise.


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