One of the biggest problems for start-ups is that they don’t have a loud voice in the market. Web presence helps you increase the volume of this voice. Following are the few basic things that a web presence provides:

1) Reach – Reach is one of the first questions a business faces after starting up. A web presence makes you reach over 2 billion internet users all over the world. Not only is it cost effective but also the simplest way of announcing your presence in the highly competitive market.

2) Trust – Web presence acts a background check for your customers. It establishes credibility in their minds for your business. It reassures them that yes, you’re there if things go south on the product. It also adds to a simpler customer support for your business.

3) Footprint (Visibility) – A web presence makes your findable by anyone across the globe. It establishes your visibility in the market. With more and more users logging into the internet, this is vital.

4) Facing Competition – Not only does it provide you information about your competitors but also gives you the opportunity to do better than them in front of your target group. Thus, a web presence is indeed the first brick to your start-up.

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